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College Republicans @ Union University
Chairman's Welcome


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Thank you for visiting Union University College Republicans online. Since our chapter's reorganization in the fall of 2000 under the leadership of exiting Chairman Paul Whitt, we have accomplished a great deal and helped to achieve major victories on the local, state, and national levels. Last year we sponsored many events such as the Vote 2000 political forum and voter registration drive and maintained a strong chapter that promoted Republican ideals among our fellow students. We also worked closely with local and state party officials to win Madison County and the state of Tennessee for President George W. Bush and re-elect Bill Frist to a second term in the United States Senate by the largest margin ever received by a candidate for statewide election in the history of Tennessee.

While it is good to reflect on our past accomplishments and victories, we must not become indifferent to the task at hand. 2002 promises to be an exciting election year, and we must rise up to new challenges. We must begin to prepare now so that we can elect John Newman (Madison County Mayor), elect a Republican governor, elect a Republican U.S. Senator, elect a Republican State Representative (District 73), and protect the congressional seat of TN State Senator Bobby Carter (District 27). This will not be an easy task, and that is why we need your help as we continue to grow larger and stronger. So please take the time to join CRs today and help us as we fight to preserve the values and philosophy for which we stand.


David J. Patterson